Loftswood is a leading independent advisor in Executive Reward, Performance and Governance.

We partner with our clients to develop remuneration programs that support the organisation’s strategy, are competitive, compelling and that add value to shareholders.

What we do

Our tailored services include:

  • Board and executive reward benchmarking
  • Pay for performance analysis – the view of your reward programmes held by
    shareholders and proxy advisors
  • Board and executive reward frameworks and incentive design
  • Development of the remuneration policy to align reward with the business strategy
  • Remuneration governance
  • Remuneration Report drafting to ensure effective messaging to stakeholders
  • External advisor to Remuneration Committees
  • Stakeholder engagement (including shareholders and proxy advisors) regarding
    changes to the reward framework or in preparation for the AGM
  • Coaching for directors or management on executive remuneration
  • Executive and employee equity plans
  • Performance management
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Why use Loftswood

Loftswood’s team has extensive experience across all elements of reward, performance, human resources management and governance.  We have a deep understanding of the interconnection between remuneration and all aspects of the business, including tax, finance, corporate governance and stakeholder management.

Loftswood’s KMP database is one of the most comprehensive in Australia, providing insight into director and executive pay practices, trends and reward levels across all industries.

The Loftswood team works closely with our clients to ensure we deliver an outcome that is simple, effective, fit-for-purpose and enduring, while meeting regulatory and compliance obligations.

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Who we are

Dave Edwards provides strategic remuneration, performance and reward advice to a
range of clients and industries, from multinationals to juniors. He has a reputation for
providing pragmatic and enduring solutions.

Paul Wilkinson is a senior Human Resources professional with extensive experience in
Executive Remuneration, Employee Remuneration, Equity Plans, Human Resources
Information Systems and Payroll Management.

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Contact us

Dave Edwards
+61 428 650 552

Paul Wilkinson
+61 439 385 165